Fine Arts I Stage and Costume Design


Based on the play FEAR by Falk Richter and especially on his way of working, which is based on research and makes open processes possible, we have dealt with different forms and shapes of fear in our main course in the Corona semester, but also with how to think differently about social negotiation places in the age of digitalisation. Including the moving image, we dealt with various narrative possibilities and developed new as well as old theatrical formats based on this. We created concepts, installations, films, horror scenarios and visions of the future. The works of the course can be seen on 18 and 19 July from 11 am to 5 pm in the Brotfabrik, Calligariplatz 1. Films in the cinema there from 15-17 o'clock. In the programme we will guide you live through the exhibition. Translated with DeepL

Participating Students:

Johanna Bajohr, Tilmann von Blomberg, Noemie Cassagneau, Josefine Gindorf, Frida Grubba, Liuba Rühaak, Elena Scheicher, Aline Suter, Tamara Stotz, Linda Tiebel, Clara Wanke, Sarah Wolters, Julia Zangger, Margarita Hoffmann