DesignFarmBerlin is a design in tech accelerator dedicated to funding and promotion of design-driven start-ups. Log in to meet and follow exciting stories of founders. Get inspired and empowered. 10:00 Anton Papenfuss, Modular tiny houses 11:00 Nadine Auth & Aeneas Stankowski - same - Contextualizing Technology 13:00 Juni Neyenhuys, Malu Lücking & Annekathrin Grüneberg, mujo - biodegradable packaging solutions 14:00 Julian Gerau & Till Isenhuth, Pure+ - sharing mobility 15:00 Julian Goretzky & Adrian Haase, Vinter Design Lab - mobility solutions for livable cities 16:00 Tim van der Loo - New Blue - post-consumer denim redefined 17:00 Silke Hofmann, Embrace - new design aesthetics for post-mastectomy lingerie

Participating Students:

Anton Papenfuss, Aeneas Stankowski, Nadine Auth, Juni Neyenhuys, Malu Lücking, Annekathrin Grüneberg, Julian Gerau, Till Isenhuth, Julian Goretzky, Adrian Haase, Tim van der Loo, Silke Hoffmann