Grundlagen, *foundationClass

Grundlagen: “Searching for the right channel” – *foundationClass: “A Line of Tape in The Wind”

The summer semester 2020: Audiovisual perspectives, work processes and voices. At the weissensee art and design academy students from all art and design departments collaborate in their first year in interdisciplinary groups. Encountering fundamental design and art related topics they develop basic skills. Intense discussions about the political dimension of power and discriminatory structures in someone's own work empower students to navigate competently in individual and group projects. The *foundationClass is a study program and an artist collective based in the Foundation Year at weißensee academy of art berlin. The goal is to support people who migrated to Germany, who are affected by racism and who want to start or continue studying with their application at an art or design academy. (link: text: or

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