Fine Arts I Stage and Costume Design


In addition to his novel fragments, Franz Kafka has also written many stories, which are repeatedly interpreted both in theatre and film. The relationship between the author's work and the continuing flood of - naturally also purely theoretical - interpretations is still growing inexorably, not least because Kafka's labyrinthine dreamlike poetry, which juxtaposes the subject with an inescapable reality, apparently does not lose its relevance. It is this "Kafkaesque" feeling that we approached in different ways and that we transported into our present day by means of film in the main course. The works of the course can be seen on 18 and 19 July from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the bread factory, Calligariplatz 1. Films in the cinema hall there from 15-17 o'clock. The live broadcast is a round of talks from the bread factory.

Participating Students:

Margarete Holzapfel, Sascha Kircher, Maricel Klattenhoff, Claudia Lehmann, Aline Suter, Maks Mac, Philine Stich, Linda Tiebel