BA/MA Textile- and Surface Design, greenlab

Know Eat All – a transdisciplinary greenlab project of product design, textile and surface design and visual communication

Which parts of fruits and vegetables do we regard as food, and which do we throw away? How can we change the way we see where "food ends" and "waste begins"? "Know Eat All" is a project that aims to create a new narrative around food and waste. By curating a series of recipes that demonstrate ways to prepare the underappreciated parts of fruits and vegetables, the project draws attention to the ingredients that typically end up in the trash, and urges the audience to reduce food waste through direct consumption. The project will first launch as an Instagram page (@knoweatall), and it is intended to be further developed into a campaign that has a corresponding mobile app. With the help of image recognition, consumers can scan the fruits and vegetables they have purchased, and will be provided with recipes regarding how to make the most out of the items, inspiring them to eat it all.

Participating Students:

Lisa Braun