BA/MA Visual Communication

Noch ein Stück

Studies show that with the same efforts, equal pay for equal work will not be a reality until 2070. Our installation deals with the Gender Pay Gap. On a laid table, white porcelain objects such as plates, cups and cutlery represent figures on social inequalities and the current situation of the gender pay gap. In addition to the porcelain objects, which represent numbers, facts and statistics that can be discussed rationally and soberly, a second, digitally tangible level invites us to explore the emotional side and further text material. This app is used to reproduce stories, quotations and experiences and is also the source for the statistics on the table. Even if there are already far-reaching positive changes in the area of gender equality, there is still a bit missing in terms of equal opportunities. Translated with DeepL

Participating Students:

Angelina Eckert, Fay Nolan