BA/MA Fashion Design


Prof. Dr. Antonella Giannone Professor, fashion theory, history and clothing sociology weißensee kunsthochschule berlin As part of the seefashion19 fashion show, the graduates* of the Fashion Design Department of the weißensee kunsthochschule berlin staged their final collections on 19.10.2019 at Reef Berlin, Vienna House Andel's Berlin. In their works they questioned the creative but also the destructive potential of fashion in today's society from different perspectives. Social codings, gender stereotypes, power relations and the difficulty of taking up individual positions in anonymous urban spaces experienced an intimate, personal treatment in various works, which made use of the techniques of collecting and collage as well as gestures of marking and signing. Various collections dealt with journeys into the distance or along familiar main and side streets: Atmospheres, smells and the superimposition of visual stimuli were materialized here through textiles, combinations of forms and colors. Clothing elements associated with specific locations were incorporated in various works: traditional fabrics, patterns and textile techniques were creatively re-contextualized. Traditional costumes and garments and accessories correlated with them can also be reinterpreted in the context of other "landscapes" and become an expression of a modern aesthetic sensibility. Many of the projects presented here problematize directly or indirectly how media, flat screens and spatial boundaries of various kinds (shop windows, showcases, pedestals, etc.) change our contact with fashion. To what extent is fashion also a matter of touch? Can we still deal with the valuable fragility of some objects? Is this fragility still bearable? How familiar are we with the materiality of textile structures and with irregular, uneven surfaces? These questions underlie various works that both intuitively and reflectively focus on the significance of textile properties and the aesthetic experiences associated with them. Experimental knitting and weaving techniques, draping, stiffening and deforming surfaces are integrated into the collections in various ways, and other non-textile, unusual materials are combined with them. The dialogue with other art forms as well as the interweaving of intermedia relationships was the starting point for various works in which photographic and filmic representations as well as musical elements were transformed into clothing. In a performative space in which the boundaries between catwalk and audience merged organically, the collections left their virtual project dimension behind and became part of a public discourse open to further interpretation. For fashion, even in its most personal forms of expression, updates collective visual worlds and questions shared notions of reality.

Participating Students:

BA Alma Hagen&Laura Lührmann, BA Amani Gowdet, BA Cissel Dubbick, BA Elodie Carstensen, BA Finnja Brett, BA Gerda Wolf, BA Irina Hefner, BA Luisa Lauber, BA Neta Kallus, BA Nicolas Mezes, BA Stefanie Lanzinger, BA Zamin Derafshi, BA_Laura_Gerte, BA_Nadine_Bakota, BA_Theresa_Grünfelder, BA_Vanessa_Lurtz, MA Anna Lösel, MA Dennis Eichmann, MA Lisa Rilka, MA Timur Gapurov, MA Wenjing Hu, MA_Elisabeth_von_der_Thannen, MA_Ulrike_Stiller

Reef im Andel`s Berlin