BA/MA Textile- and Surface Design

shift | a flexible analysis

The curtain design shift is created from individual knitted tubes in different diameters, which are materially transparent or transparent through structural effects such as running stitches or pulling threads and through the choice of material. Categorized as faults in the textile manufacturing process, the effects here develop into design parameters. The project works with unused architecture and related open spaces, which can be quickly developed and enlivened to a defined space through an uncomplicated setup, but which can just as quickly return to their original state. Copywrite Project: Henrike Schmitz Instagram @rueszi Copywrite photos: Photographer Fabian Thüroff. Instagram: @hstlbld Master project 2019 Supervised by Prof. Christiane Sauer and Prof. Dr. Antonella Giannone In cooperation with the STFI e.V., Chemnitz

Participating Students:

Henrike Schmitz