Fine Arts I Sculpture

Social Sculpture vs. Challenged Public Spaces

**Social Sculpture vs. Challenged Public Spaces ** July 18-19th, 11am – 11pm at Lobe Block: Böttgerstraße 16 How do we develop a social sculpture if discussions are just digital? We increasingly see our own faces fixed as images, through teleconferencing. This was the main mode of communication during this semester and the organization of this intervention. In response, some interventions have been created on site as a sort of flowing dramaturgy. Tune into the video stream of the project on July 18th at 2pm or join us physically on-site. Virtual visits are also possible here (via Zoom): (link: text: Join On-Site Live) Meeting ID: 521 639 7263 Password: 0nth3R4mp Organizers: Hannes Brunner, Ulrike Mohr, and Olivia Reynolds Tutor: Marié Nobematsu-Le Gassic Instagram: @monday.talks

Participating Students:

Fadi Aljabour, Friedrich Andreoni, Dorna Dibaj, Nikolas Eckl, Katya Elizarova, Ivanna Heredia, Daniel Hölzl, Tomer Houlmann, Gabriela Lesmes, Marié Nobematsu-Le Gassic, Yunosuke Ozawa, Belen Resnikowski, Susanne Weber-Lehrfeld, Hannes Brunner, Ulrike Mohr, Olivia Reynolds

Lobe Block