BA/MA Visual Communication

Texts and drawings of an artistic exploration of metaphysical topics in the times of machine learning

Inspired by Asimov's sci-fi short story "When the stars go out" I have been experimenting with topics like immortality, infinity, transhumanism, AI, body, cosmology and spirituality. My two-part book is a foreign text collection, paired with my own notes, thoughts and drawings. With content that I have discovered, searched, found, collected and sorted; stories, theories, essays, visions from science, sci-fi, philosophy and art. The work has nothing to do with theory or science, it is more about an orientation towards the poetic, an artistic strategy and production. A pers. A personal examination of the present, with a view to the past and future. The texts and the drawings should try to open up new spaces of thought in their concatenation and give access to my thought structure. Translated with DeepL

Participating Students:

Madeleine Stoeber