BA/MA Textile- and Surface Design

Thought Lines

Everyone is born like a piece of white paper, the traces appear slowly on the paper, with time the traces become denser, with different colours, thicknesses, sometimes the line is straight, sometimes it's curved or just a point. If we take more and more understanding and perception of life, the effect is rather quiet and elegant, and the loud before becomes memories and Conversations in your spare time. From the surface we feel that we are in of a great time. The Internet makes the world smaller and the Life more pleasant, but there seems to be something misty, trust, love, To be honest. We live in a meager time now. The Internet makes our lives are much more comfortable, but the distance to us is increasing. That's why would like to present. It's a building complex that will be demolished would. Every time I walk by, I watch it from below. Enter I then the building, I see the fallen slate on the floor, the doors and windows without glass, but the wide terrace gives me hope again, when I'm on the roof, I feel more of closed skies, how we slow our lives down and how we can and face the problems. Translated with DeepL

Participating Students:

Yuehui Liu/ Maka Kakashvili / Guillaume Galante

Tiergarten Berlin