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Wunschkonzert - Arbeiten zu Franz Xaver Kroetz

2nd year of studies WUNSCHKONZERT by Franz-Xaver Kroetz Franz-Xaver Kroetz describes in his piece Wunschkonzert, naturalistically unvarnished, the evening routine by Mrs. Rasch, who lives in self-chosen "contact restriction". She performs her evening routine with laconic cheerfulness. At the end of the play we learn that these were her last things. Kroetz's play consists only of stage directions and gets along without spoken text. The task: The realization was based on the different working possibilities of the students outside the closed university Prof. Stefan Hageneier Translated with DeepL

Participating Students:

Alma Meng, Anna Wonnemann, Elisabeth Hess, Elisabeth Kuntze, Jana Krause, Jieun Kang, Kelly Price, Kira Fasbender, Sofia Villareal, Qing Sun, Hanna Ruhfus